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Creating Balance Wellness, Home of ChakraMassage™

Integrating Physical + Energetic Healing



I’m Elizabeth, the creator of ChakraMassage™, a new modality that integrates Chakra energy clearing with massage to anchor and hold the energy work we do in a deeply harmonizing and lasting way.

Energy is the language of the Universe. It is the dialogue that magic speaks. Energy in all of its multifaceted manifestations is the seed of all creation, and I want to help YOU plant the right seeds.

My work is a trifecta that is made up of one part energy work, one part coaching, and one part deep healing on a cellular level. How does that translate in real life?

Massive shifts in the areas of your life that you need them most:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Mindset

You name it, the work I do gets to the vibrational root and unburdens your energy for unparalleled results.

My experience, training, and intuition is coupled with my love of teaching, providing solutions, and reconnecting women to their inner strength and power.

Ready to discover your magic and untapped potential?



Elizabeth is a power house with tenderness and compassion!

I was blown away by the intensity and depth of the healing that I experienced through her guidance. The shifts in my energetic body were palpable and have had far-reaching impact on my over all well being. I am very grateful for her gifted sessions during the Effortless Expression program.

– MP, Asheville, NC

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